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As our region works to address its many challenges and capitalize on its many opportunities, we continue to seek out international opportunities that will focus on sustainable solutions that are equitable to all of our residents no matter income or zip code.

The opportunity today is summed up clearly in Network Effects – The innovation multipliers of international collaboration for cities and subnational governments (nesta, September 2002)  "COVID-19 has added urgency to the agenda to transform the innovation and deliver capacity to cities, regions, and local governments around the world. In a global system that encounters simultaneous shocks and shared challenges, the innovation imperative at subnational levels needs to be served by agile collaboration internationally."

Sister Cities Association of Pittsburgh is working to achieve this for the Pittsburgh region and with strong regional partners and funders, we will be poised to achieve great outcomes that will assist the Pittsburgh region into becoming a global collaborator, partner, and leader.   

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