What is a Sister City?

Sister Cities Association of Pittsburgh connects the Pittsburgh region with international partner cities to develop mutually beneficial relationships in the area of commerce, education and culture; and to work together to address and solve global challenges facing cities of tomorrow. 

Our Focus

Sister Cities Association of Pittsburgh’s work focuses on four opportunities for our region:

  • Economic – economic resilience can be achieved through trade, foreign investment (outbound and inbound), and innovative metro-to-metro partnerships;
  • Cultural – opportunities to share our world-class cultural institutions, food culture, and shared ethnic background enhance understanding across international boundaries;
  • Educational – opportunities for our youth to not just learn about, but experience other cities, cultures, religions, and traditions creates empathy, understanding and leads to more resilient, global-minded citizens; and
  • Exchange of knowledge, expertise, best practices and public policy – our region's involvement on a world stage and engagement in international organizations as well as one-on-one exchanges of ideas leads to collective problem solving for global issues like a response to COVID-19, climate change, food security, poverty, and housing.

Benefits of Sister City Relationships

The benefits of investing in global exchanges are important to the economic well-being of a city. Metrics of success include: 

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Pittsburgh region by economic entities in Pittsburgh’s Sister Cities;
  • Increased international student enrollment at regional universities;
  • Cultural exchanges and opportunities for arts organizations, high school students, and the nonprofit community;
  • Relationship building that provides opportunities to address global issues and connect local talent to international efforts to address collective challenges and opportunities; 
  • Opportunities for local governments to exchange best practices in governance; 
  • Opportunities to address common policy challenges facing Pittsburgh and its Sister Cities
  • Increased awareness of international opportunities for the Pittsburgh region businesses and educational institutions; and 
  • Trade missions, delegation visits (in-and-out bound) to/from Pittsburgh’s Sister Cities.

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